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Our School

Our Vision

Bridport Primary School is a small rural school which upholds the traditional values of respect, safety and honesty and is committed to the goal that every student has the opportunity to learn and achieve his or her potential. The school has a high emphasis on improving the literacy and numeracy skills of all children and providing them with an education that will support them for life-long learning and success.

The goals of our school are:

  • to help children feel connected within our school,
  • to ensure children are engaged in their learning to maximise their development,
  • to celebrate success and build a sense of achievement and
  • to give our children the opportunity to reach their full potential by working in close partnerships with parents.

Bridport Primary School places very high importance on the interaction between home, school and the broader community with the belief that the central concern must be the development of each child. The school acknowledges all aspects of the individuals’ intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth, taking into consideration the varying rates of development of these areas within each individual. As a result, teaching approaches and curriculum content are developed around the needs of each individual.


Our school curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum. Specialist teachers teach Physical Education and Music. Support teachers support learning in classrooms. Teacher assistants also provide additional support to students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Visiting performances and excursion opportunities are included in the school program and involve all classes from Kinder-Grade 6. Sport and Outdoor Education are also features of the upper primary program. Celebration of achievement is prominent throughout the school with regular assemblies during which classes take turns to showcase their work.


Literacy and Numeracy

We place a very high priority on the development of literacy and numeracy skills.

Our daily literacy block consists of writing, reading, spelling and oral language. Its focus is dedicated to the development of essential literacy skills within the children to enable them to experience success. All skills are explicitly taught. Reading has a focus on oral language, phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Writing includes the explicit teaching of the various genres, types of text, handwriting and spelling. In spelling, children are taught a variety of spelling strategies which they can use in writing.

Our daily numeracy block consists of the learning of number facts, mental computation strategies, number, algebra, measurement, geometry, statistics and probability. Problem solving is also a high priority with children using these skills to solve problems both individually and collaboratively in groups.

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STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics)

All classes engage in STEAM activities throughout the year. STEAM involves solving challenges through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Digital Technologies, robotics and coding are also included in the STEAM challenges which will help the children develop skills that will be useful for their future and employment later in life.

Families have the opportunity to engage and participate in a family STEAM challenge each month.

Science and HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Children use inquiry skills to research and find out about the world from a scientific, geographical and historical perspective. Children can then use skills to explore how our world has changed in the past and how we can change the world to create a sustainable future.



Children participate in weekly Music classes and regular activities in the areas of the visual arts, dance and drama, which help to encourage the development of creativity and skills of self-expression.

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Health and Physical Education

Children participate in daily and weekly Physical Education activities, focusing on the development of their physical skills. They also participate in health-based inquiry projects which help them to develop an ability to lead healthy and active lives which will improve their wellbeing.

Supportive School Environment

Our school values of Aspiration, Growth, Courage and Respect underpin our school rules: Be Safe, Be Fair and Show Care. Our values guide us with everything we do to ensure that our students achieve at the highest level.

Our behaviour management and supportive school environment policy is based upon the Positive Behaviour Support program which focuses strongly on the rewarding of positive and acceptable behaviours, in order to encourage children to make appropriate choices.